Bioinformatics Round Table meets ÖGMBT

Monday September 15, 2014 at 09:50 a.m.
Universitätszentrum Althanstrasse (UZA1)
Former Building of Vienna University of Economics and Business
Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, Austria

The ÖGMBT, Austrian Society of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology integrates molecular biology, biotechnology, and related disciplines starting from fundamental research towards applied science. Members of the ÖGMBT come from academic as well as industry organisations.

Connecting researcher and students, bridging gaps and enabling participants to share experiences and best practice is also today our goal, in the 'Special Edition' Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion meets ÖGMBT.

Come and meet the bioinformatics experts!

Keynote speaker:
Amos Bairoch, University of Geneva
"New and Recurring Challenges in Biocuration"

Bioinformatics experts:
Amos Bairoch,
Bernhard Knapp,
Christian Siehs,
Christoph Bock,
Andreas Kremer,
Paul Perco,
Andreas Heinzel,
Klemens Vierlinger,
Gerhard Ecker,
and more ...

During our special session you will be able to meet and talk to biologists and bioinformatics experts which will provide an mutual exchange of views, understanding and scientific challenges. Among others we will be covering topics like sequencing and analysis, structural bioinformatics, computational systems biology, networks and functional analysis, biological knowledge discovery and data management.

More about our experts: coming soon

Program of the 6th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting: here

Early Registrations und Abstract Submission until July 14: here


Round Table March 21, 2014

The 7th Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion will take place in Vienna. Take the opportunity to meet people working in the field of bioinformatics, both at university and industry. We would like to cordially invite you to the upcoming session: 

7th Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion
Friday, March 21, 2014, at 6.p.m. 

Campus Altes AKH
Alser Straße 4, Hof 1
1090 Vienna

Sponsored by geneXplain


6 p.m. Start of the Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion
7 p.m. (punctual) Start of the talks
         – Carolin Kosiol: "Ancestral and Recent Population Genomics" (Abstract available: here), Institute of Population Genetics, Vetmeduni Vienna
         – Alexander Kel: "Walking pathways" and cancer (Abstract available: here), geneXplain GmbH, Germany
~8:15 p.m. Networking (open end)

To attend the Round Table, please register via e-mail to Ms Huynh Buu Christine:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This meeting is limited to 40 participants. 


blackboard opening

We opened our blackboard for our bioinformatics and friends community.

  • You have something to share? Get it posted on the offerings section.
  • You are looking for assistance? Get it posted on the looking for section.

Currently we are managing the board manually. Send your posts to our team and we will publish it after a quick review.

our aims

The aim of the Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion is to connect researchers, institutions, students, and all other people interested in the field of bioinformatics. The meetings are indented to bridge gaps between (sub)fields and to enable participants to share experiences and best practice. The Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion takes place approximately twice a year upon prior notification.

The idea for the Round Table Discussion was born at the Bioinformatics Stammtisch at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg. Our aim was not only to continue this tradition but even to extend it for a wider public.

Our meetings are a good opportunity to

  • get informed about current hot topics in the field of bioinformatics
  • find collaboration partners
  • enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a traditional inn

which means: ... leave your ties or high heels at home!

The evening: two talks (15 min each) and open end discussion.

The organizers do not have any financial interests in the Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion. Therefore the event is and will remain free of charge. We would be happy if you could recommend this meeting to other people who might be interested.